Just Jhoom! Dance and Mindful Movement

Last week I was very lucky to be part of MIND’s first ever Happy Monday.This is a new campaign that MIND have launched – they plan to do it once a year to encourage people to fundraise on a Monday in March, as well as do fun, happy fundraising activities on that day!

As an Ambassador for Happy Monday, I ran a Just Jhoom! Bollywood Dance and Mindful Movement workshop at the MIND HQ in Stratford in London!

Just Jhoom! Bollywood Dance and Mindful Movement

Just Jhoom! Bollywood Dance and Mindful Movement

It was fabulous fun – and the feedback was super with comments from participants including:

· I had a jhooming good time and enjoyed the workout! I shall be showing off my jhooming skills to all my friends and family now!

· Loved it, it was great, really fun and accessible. Her story was very moving too and I think she’s done incredibly well to set up such a successful enterprise.

· It was great fun. I was having an afternoon lull and nearly didn’t come along, but glad I did. It gave me more energy and made me smile! Hopefully it burned off a little bit of the biscuits I’ve eaten today too!

· Pass on my thanks to Shalini – it was great fun, and really generous of her to give up her time.

· I had a brilliant time @JustJhoom very #HappyMonday “flag, fist, bees and lotus”

As part of the campaign MIND published two of my blogs about depression and how I worked through it.

Here is one of them… http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/your-stories/dancing-helped-me-cope/#.UyeQd84lGSo


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