Breakthrough with Jhoom!

Just Jhoom! has partnered with Breakthrough Breast Cancer and pledged to fundraise for their campaigning and research activities for the next 12 months. The Cake and Coffee morning I held on Saturday 14 September was one of the first ones to kick-start the initiative and also to encourage other Just Jhoom! instructors to follow suit. It was all quite lastminute – and I really wasn’t sure how successful it would be – seeing that I really hadn’t done very much planning! I literally booked the hall for an extra hour after my regular Saturday morning class, sent an email to all my Jhoomers, put an event on Facebook and bought some tea and coffee supplies. The rest the Jhoomers did! They turned up, they brought cake, they ate cake and they donated their money generously… and in one hour we raised £216. Not bad for an hours work! And, I was on a real high afterwards. It felt good to give back, to raise money for a worthwhile cause – and just to spend time with my Jhoomers and friends in a social, relaxed environment. It was a lovely, fun morning. (And as a bonus I also got interest in my classes!)

So, it has spurred me on to do two more events – a Christmas Shopping and Coffee Morning (in November) – where I will be selling Just Jhoom! merchandise – 10% of profits will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. On 26 January 2014 I am doing a Just Jhoom! Bollywood Film and Curry Night at the local pub. The pub will be advertising the event to their clients and so I hope to raise even more awareness for my Just Jhoom! classes – and £5 from every ticket sold will go to Breakthrough. I really can’t think of a better way to raise awareness of my classes, whilst also doing something useful for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Small, simple, effective social events that make a BIG difference.Image


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