Just Jhoom! Charity Fundraising in June

Guest Blog by Just Jhoom! Instructor Megan Jayawardena

When St Peter’s Hospital saved her mother’s life, Natalie Bowden, 44 of Horsell, decided she would try her hand at fundraising as a thank you. Little did she know that a few months later, she would be sky-diving and Just Jhoom! Bollywood dancing in the name of raising much-needed funds for the hospital.

A complete new-comer to fundraising activity, Natalie has raised nearly £4,000 for the Surgical Vascular Trust Fund. Two of the surgeons, several of the nurses, and over 100 friends, relatives and supporters enjoyed a Family Fun Day at The Plough Inn, Horsell on 22nd June. Just Jhoom! got the crowd dancing and were quickly joined by hospital staff and the chef. A superb time was had by all.

Natalie is much closer to her goal of reaching £5,000 to buy the vascular unit a second-hand ultrasounMicrosoft Word - Just Jhoom! June Charity Event.docd machine.Just Jhoom! Fundraising

All of us here at Just Jhoom! wish her continuing success with her sterling fundraising efforts.


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