Blogging – a whole new world!

So, here I am, blogging….
I’ve joined the world of Facebook, Tweeted, posted videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr….and now I join the millions blogging!
People have been blogging for years – for me it’s a completely new world…so yes I’m a virgin blogger – and here it is – my first blog.

Why am I blogging?
What will I be blogging about?
Who will read my blogs?
When will I blog?

Well, I guess I am blogging because – well isn’t everyone??? But, no seriously, it’s because of this thing called Just Jhoom! that has taken over my life. I eat, sleep, breathe Just Jhoom! And now I want to write about it. So, that takes care of the What? question. I’ll be blogging about Just Jhoom! – not just the good bits – but the difficult bits too – the blood, sweat and tears in setting up a company – all the gory details – so stay tuned…or whatever it is you do to a blog!
Who will read my blogs? I hope someone will…anyone….you poor souls 😉
When will I blog? Well it is 2am in the morning in this sleepy village in Surrey – except I can’t sleep – so I reckon I’ll be blogging during my sleepless nights – as I ponder, think, worry, stress about this fantastic, fabulous, energising, amazing thing called Just Jhoom!

Stick with me people – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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